Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why would I buy an Apple (iPOD, iPhone or iPad)?

The simple answer is “iPad is IN”.

The concept of different strategies for business machines and consumer hardware is now history. New technologies have changed the way marketing was done to businesses and to individuals.

The most significant change in the way such products are positioned it the marketplace came from iPhone. Despite the fact that most tec people originally categorized iPhone as a consumer product, it became extremely liked gadget in the corporate world as well.

Unique positioning done by Apple is now helping the company to tap into equal business opportunities in both market segments. This strategy is likely to outrun Apple’s competitors HP that is bringing out HP Slate.

The key to this unique positioning by Apple is by making a consumer focused product and transforming it for into a corporate gadget by adding business functionalities.
This approach provided Apple a strategic place in the young consumers market. For example youth can graduate from iPod Touch to iPhone at a later date and to tablet devices. Having said that, the challenge for Apple is to satisfy its consumers that are unable to use third party applications.

My view is that Apple builds customer loyalty right from the youth hood just like Wal-Mart that trains its future customers by giving them small trolleys for shopping at Wal-Mart stores.

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