Monday, May 9, 2011

The Untapped Facebook Opportunity in Pakistan

Over the last few days I have been asking my contacts if they are using Facebook as a tool for business networking or business promotion. Despite the fact that Pakistanis are one of the largest Facebook community, but the response to my question is mostly NO!

For older generation, perhaps Facebook is too technical and they generally do not feel comfortable in exploring the opportunities, but surprisingly, the younger generation also marginally uses it as an opportunity tool!

I was reading an article in San Francisco Chronicle that quotes a study conducted by PEW Research Center in the US suggesting that:

“up to 8 percent of the top news sites' traffic now comes from Facebook, which is also one of the top destinations after a visitor leaves a news site, an indication that people are using the Facebook Share button embedded in news stories.”


“CNN, had 5.84 percent of its departing visitors heading to Facebook and 7.05 percent coming from the social network. SFGate saw 3.82 percent of its traffic going to Facebook and 5.74 percent coming the other way”.

These are some astonishing numbers. I am wondering how many business in Pakistan are actually using social media as a Business TOOL? I guess, most businesses are still living in stone age and hence provide supper opportunities for social media experts.

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