Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“Career Stagnation Syndrome”

Did you ever realize how challenging it is to continue upward on your career ladder?

Are you aware that we as common working individuals spend approximately a third of our lives working at our jobs and most of us get stuck at certain level, and breaking that level to move further seems impossible.

Some people get recognition as good team players, doers, flexible, yet no progress in career. If this continues, they become stale! Without realizing, they actually drag towards their workplace, feel unchallenged and depressed.

If you fall in such a situation, you may be suffering! Its “Career Stagnation Syndrome”. Please diagnose it with the following tool:

No promotion in last five years. [Yes] [No]
Income not doubled in the last five years. [Yes] [No]
No direction or defined career path. [Yes] [No]
Job becomes daily pain rather than eternal passion. [Yes] [No]
Excitement is taken over by anxiety. [Yes] [No]
Look forward to weekends from Monday. [Yes] [No]

If the answers to the above are YES, then you should read my next blog which will describe the remedy for CSS………