Friday, April 2, 2010

Inspirations - Dreams Come True!

I was wondering when we grow, why we imitate people around us, why we like or dislike certain things? How do we chose a career, buy a car etc.

I was caught by one word that makes things happen in our lives, “Inspirations”, we grow up with lots of these around us.

Recently, I was reading an article by Amy Twain, author of "Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You", who says that “Real inspiration can be compared to a fingerprint, different for every person”. Isn’t that true? We all know that not everyone is inspired by similar things.

Yes, you can find them where ever you go. Be fully aware and look around objectively, believe me, universe is full of inspirational stuff.

List what inspires you; it will help you in making your dreams come true!