Sunday, July 7, 2013

FoodPanda Brings The Largest Variety of Food Online

What is for Lunch today, is this a question that is raised in your office about fifteen minutes before lunch-time?  Well, in my office this used to be a routine, five days a week question. The reason is simple, people have changed their habits. Most office staff does not bring a lunchbox from home.

Craving for food becomes intense around mid-day and still busy at work, most do not realize that it's time for lunch – and "What is for lunch today" question arises.

In our office, we have solved the issue. Thanks to – a single platform for ordering food online from a variety of restaurants. Chinese, fast-food, desi, you name it.

It's so happened that I was looking at facebook page that has over 300,000 fans and realized that almost every popular restaurant is available there. I asked my colleagues to try with Four simple steps:
  • 1     Go to
  • 2.       Select your area for food delivery
  • 3.       Select your restaurant
  • 4.       Order your food

First reaction from my colleagues was "we are not sure if this actually works!" – But the very next day, there was a strike in Karachi. All shops were closed; there was no chance of getting food from the next-door restaurant. Screaming for food started as usual – I again said, "let's try" – No choice, colleagues agreed to order via this site.

Everyone wanted Chinese, so a selection of Chinese was ordered. Website also provided the total cost of the order. Approximate time for delivery was 30 minutes. Since it was an unusual situation in the city, delivery took 15 minutes more, and our order was delivered in about 45 minutes.

Hot meal, properly packed, with disposable spoons and forks, we hit the dining table and enjoyed our meal.

FoodPanda is certainly added a revolution in the restaurant industry. For Foodies, it provides choices that are otherwise impossible to consider while ordering food. In my office, everyone with a smartphone now has FoodPanda application.

        Did you try – of not, do it soon and enjoy the    experience, a unique experience of ordering food right from your computer or smartphone – there are exciting deals available almost everyday!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bootstrapping Your Career - A Book for Career Development

This book is For everyone who wants to excel in their career and avail themselves of millions of growth opportunities around them, and for sufferers of Career Stagnation Syndrome, a chronic condition translating into a stumbling block in career development.

Career Development is an on going process. A process that never end. It requires focus, strategy and commitment. 

My Book - Bootstrapping Your Career is based on my over 25 years of experience. It is first of its kind initiative that covers personal stories, moments of frustration and joy and tools and techniques to follow for continuous career growth. 

This is one of the most repeated statements I have heard as a volunteer career counselor. My usual response is: “What is your career objective and how are you searching for opportunities?” There is hardly any proper response to these questions.

My message when speaking at public events: competition is becoming stiffer, so start building a database of potential employers as soon as entering into the last semester before graduation. Without knowing the potential market, how can you market yourself?

The phrase “Dream Job” is another issue. What is a dream job? As a young graduate you are inspired by a youngish CEO of a multinational company, driving a posh car. Without knowing how this chap really reached this position, you wish to be like him. He becomes your inspiration and conception of a dream job. Do you realize that getting into a multinational is one of the most difficult things to do, and you might be wasting your time which could be better utilized in gaining market experience in a smaller company?

Bootstrapping Your Career addresses the most trickiest questions in very humanized manner. Join the facebook page to stay tuned. 

Books is scheduled for publishing in August 2013. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer Internship in P&G Pakistan for Students

Job Description


Internship in P&G Pakistan is a 10-to-12 week's program for students. During the internship time you will work on real business projects which are supporting current business strategies. You will be working in multifunctional teams with on-going coaching support; will get appropriate training and tools to successfully complete your projects.

There is a wide choice of functions (departments) to choose from, depending on your interests and relevance to your majors. They are:
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Communications (External Relations)
  • Supply Network Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Customer Business Development
  • Consumer Market Knowledge

  • Interns can be based at the P&G office in Karachi

    The program is dedicated to students who are 6-months to 1 year away from their graduation.
    Bachelors and Master Students

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sales Job in Pakistan: Pharmaceuticals Sales Manager (South Zone Pakistan)

Job Description

  1. Responsible for Sales of the whole South Zone (Karachi + Sindh + Balochistan)
  2. Supervises 6 District Manager (3 in Karachi, 2 in Hyderabad and 1 in Sukkur).
  3. Directly looks after all Field Force activities including the activities of District Managers (RSMs), Scientific Business Associates (Specialist Reps) and Business Development Officers (Medical Reps).
  4. Is responsible for business of his Zone (Street sales and Institution sales).
  5. Has close interaction with Regional Distributors and Institutional Distributors in development of the Company’s business.
  6. Acts as the strongest link between the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Head Office.
  7. Proposes Business Plan activities to the Marketing Department including recommendation of Customers for the Scientific Meetings and Moots.
  8. Ensures implementation of the Marketing Plan prepared by Marketing Promotion Department.
  9. Participates in Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Meetings held at various countries.

Desired Skills & Experience

  1. Enriched experience in pharmaceuticals sales.
  2. Experience in products related to Cardiology and diabetology will be preferred.
  3. Strong Leadership skills
  4. Excellent knowledge of market (South Zone Pakistan)
  5. Proven track record of successful sales targets achievement and GOLY
  6. Excellent communication, presentation, inter-personal, and team building skills.
  7. Sales analysis and reporting skills.
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65-Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore 710, Bus
Phone: 587 95 00-65861267, 5832914, 5835953, 5861295 
Fax: ,92-42-5878855,5832873, 5883340 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Job in Islamabad: Information Assistant - International Finance Corporation

Job Description

Background / General description

The Information Technology Assistant will serve as the primary support resource for all technical IT matters within his/her Country Office. S/he will be tasked with:

(i)providing first line support and maintenance for all office technology;
(ii)facilitating technology deployment and upgrades - including infrastructure, desktop computing, and back office system administration;
(iii)participating in assessment of technologies;
(iv)delivering end-user and desktop training; and
(v)coordinating local vendor relations and SLAs.

The Information Technology Coordinator will provide ongoing support for his/her respective local office staff as well as staff visiting from HQ or other Country Office(s). S/he will manage the full range of information technologies for the local Country Office. This includes, but not limited to, addressing daily desktop application and network support, issues concerning the maintenance and implementation of IT standards, knowledge sharing, coordination with contractors, maintaining local vendor relations and understanding contracts/Service Level Agreements (SLA), as well as providing local office training.

Duties and Accountabilities

•Primary point of contact on all matters related to hardware, software and communications support for the CO.
•Work closely with other IT support elements, both within the region and in CBI.
•Perform IT activities for all CO support components, including installation of communications, hardware, system software, and telephony.
•Under the direction of the Regional Specialist, assist in establishing the IT budget for the CO.
•Assist in the decision making/planning process of IT needs at the beginning/end of each fiscal year.
•Advise Regional IT Specialist on standard IT equipment orders for CO.
•Under the direction of Regional IT Specialist/Regional Program Manager, evaluate and pilot test new products and services, both hardware and software.
•Propose IT applications and coordinate their implementations.
•Provide IT training for staff members, particularly for newly hired staff.
•Administer IFC information security standards, including requesting IT accounts, SecurIDs, remote access and passwords.
•Provide local expertise on all IFC Standard Software and Corporate applications.
•Follow up with all fixes and repairs to IT problems for Country Office.
•Setup, configure, and maintain video-conference, audio-visual equipment and other electronic devices for presentations or conferences.
•Prepare laptop PCs for mission travel.
•Train laptop users in remote access systems, such as SSL VPN, Fiberlink, Webmail and Notes replication.
•Disseminate IT information to Country Office and visiting staff with the CBI Outreach team.
•Coordinate Country Office moves of IT hardware and communications.
•Ensure Service Level Agreements are maintained with local maintenance providers.
•Attend expert training when required and maintain a working knowledge of the IT trends in the business relevant to supporting the IFC IT standards.
•Adhere, advise and enforce the technology standard requirements and procedures of IFC.
•Maintain a proper inventory of all CO IT related equipment and software.
•Maintain records in CO database for offices that have been identified as areas of primary support.
•Assist staff in procurement of cell phones and Blackberry devices.
•Ensure that the integrity and security of IFC Systems are not compromised from within or outside the corporation.
•Collect feedback on IT services from clients, through surveys and other tools, and inform the Regional Specialist or Regional Program Manager.
•Use the ‘Remedy’ call tracking system to track work and analyze reports to identify problem areas and training opportunities.
•Monitor local city and national technology trends and developments.
•Act as department’s software asset custodian and ensure licensed software is tracked and maintained in line with Software Asset Management (SAM) Policy, Process and Procedure manual.

Selection Criteria

•Bachelor degree in Information Technology (or equivalent combination of education and experience), and a minimum of 3 years experience working in the office technology support field.
•Proven computer literacy.
•Experience with IFC’s standard operating systems and desktop software including but not limited to Microsoft Windows Vista, Office 2007, Lotus Notes and SAP.
•Experience with Dell, Lenovo and HP hardware, including servers.
•Knowledge and experience with Cisco network equipment.
•Experience with Wide Area Networking and remote access systems.
•Working knowledge of office technology hardware - PCs, printers, fax machines, modems, etc.
•Ability to trouble-shoot problems over the telephone
•Excellent communications skills; the ability to listen and then clearly describe the problem and proposed solution
•General knowledge of the mission and business requirements of the International Finance Corporation
•Proven ability to work alone and in a team environment
•Able to translate technical material and descriptions into layman’s terms.
•General knowledge of IFC mission and business requirements

Company Description

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. We help developing countries achieve sustainable growth by financing investment, providing advisory services to businesses and governments, and mobilizing capital in the international financial markets. For more information, visit
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Uks-APNS Women in Media Awards 2013 - Pakistan


Not for Publication

Uks-APNS Call for entries for the first ever
Women in Media Awards 2013


It is a pleasure to announce the first ever Uks-APNS 2013 media awards exclusively for women journalists in Pakistan. The awards aim to generate better awareness and understanding of the fact that positive media content can and does actually bring about positive change in the public mindsets and behaviour, especially in the realm of women’s development and gender equality.
A team of professional and independent jurors for each category (who are also part of the Media Advisory Group at Uks) will select the winning entries.  The criteria will cover accuracy and innovation, clarity of message, technical proficiency, and presentation and above all, gender sensitivity.
The first of its kind in Pakistan, the ‘Women in Media’, awards invite entries from women journalists from all across Pakistan. The awards will be presented in Karachi on March 8, 2013 on the International Women’s Day.
The 1st prizewinner for each category (print, radio, TV and social media) receives a cash prize plus a trophy and certificate, as does the runner-up. Recipients of the lifetime achievement award and the beginner’s award also receive cash prizes, a trophy, and a certificate.
It may be added that in 2012, Uks Research Centre and CIPE (Centre for International Private Enterprise) held a series of theme-based (Powerful Women, Powerful Nation) media trainings for Pakistani women journalists to motivate them on how to highlight the positive angle in their content to and become a driving force in turning this theme into a national campaign. It is hoped that these 120+ women will also be contesting for the awards.
Applications must be submitted by 15th February, 2013. Late applications will not be considered.

For details please Click here

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Start Job Hunting?

Career, finding a new job, fresh entry into job market are the key concerns for many. I have been mentoring on this subject for long and have also written many articles.
Recently, I received the following email from a young lad:
Just read your blog “How to Build A Career Path?” It is an excellent piece of advice for all job seekers. Thanks a lot sir:) Your efforts to help people especially youth are commendable!
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Why Do Networking? Your network is your net worth

Most young people who are just coming out of schools do not focus on networking. During networking events such as seminars and conferences, these young boys and girls prefer not to sit with people they do not know. Coffee breaks and other opportunities to interact with new potential friends are missed also. My experience is that at a gathering of 100, only five percent people make new contacts.

Your network is your net worth” – one must believe in this and act on keep building his network of relevant influential people. Guy Kawasaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said that “The richest people in this work look for and build networks, everyone else look for work!”

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