Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bootstrapping Your Career - A Book for Career Development

This book is For everyone who wants to excel in their career and avail themselves of millions of growth opportunities around them, and for sufferers of Career Stagnation Syndrome, a chronic condition translating into a stumbling block in career development.

Career Development is an on going process. A process that never end. It requires focus, strategy and commitment. 

My Book - Bootstrapping Your Career is based on my over 25 years of experience. It is first of its kind initiative that covers personal stories, moments of frustration and joy and tools and techniques to follow for continuous career growth. 

This is one of the most repeated statements I have heard as a volunteer career counselor. My usual response is: “What is your career objective and how are you searching for opportunities?” There is hardly any proper response to these questions.

My message when speaking at public events: competition is becoming stiffer, so start building a database of potential employers as soon as entering into the last semester before graduation. Without knowing the potential market, how can you market yourself?

The phrase “Dream Job” is another issue. What is a dream job? As a young graduate you are inspired by a youngish CEO of a multinational company, driving a posh car. Without knowing how this chap really reached this position, you wish to be like him. He becomes your inspiration and conception of a dream job. Do you realize that getting into a multinational is one of the most difficult things to do, and you might be wasting your time which could be better utilized in gaining market experience in a smaller company?

Bootstrapping Your Career addresses the most trickiest questions in very humanized manner. Join the facebook page to stay tuned. 

Books is scheduled for publishing in August 2013.