Saturday, June 5, 2010

Change Your Thinking Process - Remez Sasson - Mind Your Mind

I read a book "Mind Your Mind" by Remez Sasson.
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Sharing a very interesting portion with my blog readers:

"In order to make changes in our life, we have to make changes in our thinking process.
One single thought is not strong enough to make changes, but if this same thought is repeated often, it gradually gains strength. The great thing about this process is that we do not need to strain or exert ourselves to make it happen. All we have to do is to choose a thought that we want to come true and keep repeating it."
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Lets try, it should be easy!

Monday, May 31, 2010

When you Quit Your Job!

I am dead, no career move, my boss is a ……! These are some comments we hear from those who are about to quit their respective jobs.

A number of such people find some sympathetic friends who would advise against quitting. They try to induce the fear factor……. Who is going to pay your rent, cell phone bill, cable…… gasoline…..etc.

Thinks about the key difference between a frustrated quitter and a planned quitter. The first one will remain frustrated and he has learnt to live that way. Whereas the later one already has a dream, a plan for the next move. His energy levels are high.

Boom, he quits and what next? ………. Challenges!

In my recent experience, the planned quitter, despite his tough challenges, quickly finds ways to proceed with his plan, although success may not be that quick. I know three persons that quit their jobs in search of nirvana. One is Zishan Jafri, 2nd is Ashraf Chaudhry and the next one is Omair Ali They all went through challenging times, but survived and progressed.
Message: Plan ahead and stick to it.