Friday, April 20, 2012

12 Leadership Lessons by Steve Jobs

What were the 12 Visionary Leadership Lesson Guy Kawasaki learnt from Steve Jobs?
Do you know who Guy Kawasaki is? He worked for Apple as software evangelist and later on as Chief software evangelist. His job was to convince people to write software for Apple.

He worked for Steve Jobs twice, only few are on this league! Guy is highly inspired by Steve Jobs’s vision and leadership qualities. He described the following key lessons that inspired his life:
  1. Experts are clueless: Youngsters have temptations to default to older people but innovation is usually done by younger generation. Experts are generally stuck in older thinking pattern.
  2. Customers can not tell you what they need: They can define things that are within their vocabulary. If you want to win the world, ignore your customers. Use your own vision to create stuff that creates markets never before.
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