Friday, April 20, 2012

Key Tools for Success

Last week a young man how follows me on twitter sent me a request for meeting. I invited him over for a glass of Lassi. His name is Muhammad Saad Khan. He has an interesting twitter profile that says “Writer, Social Media & Search Engine Marketing Philanthropist & Thought Leader, Public speaker/Social Activist to Fight Human Trafficking”.

I found our conversation highly inspiring with lots of excellent learning tips. Sharing with my readers a brief synopsis of what we discussed.

Build your vocabulary of Positive words: I 100% agree with this. Humans are attuned to remember negative happenings around them. You will not find anyone who had never experienced good things in his life. But in most cases, if you ask people to write their negative and positive vocabulary, they will write several negative words and only few positive words. We are attuned to negativity and the only way to undo this is by improving our vocabulary of positive words.

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