Friday, April 20, 2012

Knowledge Workforce & Web 2.0

Digital era is the era of knowledge workforce. This means that in addition to specializations, the workforce at all levels require multiple skills in social sciences and technology. Accept it or not, technology has been integrated into our daily routine that has altered our DNAs. Smartphones, Blackberries, iPads and Tabs have given us the opportunity to learn faster and engage community around us effectively.

In early 1990, I started my job as a Trade Promotion Assistant at the British Consulate in Karachi. Coming from a commercial organization, I was shocked to learn that the office did not have a fax machine! Couple of months after my joining, as part of process improvement exercise, staff was asked to submit suggestions. Guess what, I recommended a fax machine.
Whereas Management Officer considered that as the best recommendation and allocated a budget for purchase of a fax machine of my choice, my head of department was unsure why we need this equipment.

After two decades, I now understand that perhaps until 90’s, technology penetration in the corporate world was slow, hence the acceptability of new technology. Situation is now different and corporate leaders who fail to adapt new technologies are fast pushing their companies into Coma!
I found an interesting video by Andrew McAfee of the MIT Center for Digital Business in which he explained how Web Enterprise 2.0 and other new collaborative tools let everyone create and organize information.
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