Thursday, March 1, 2012

Techniques to Fight Depression?

One of the biggest causes of failure in achieving high growth in your career is “depression”. This blog post is written for depressed people and there are many. Some will accept it, some will not.

Let’s do a bit of self diagnostic of environment in which we wake-up every morning, drag ourselves until the day is over and ask just one question, how do I classify depression?
  • A state when I feel no energy
  • When I can only think of bad things
  • Do not see light at the end of tunnel
  • Fail to focus on issues (lack of concentration)
  • Unhappy feeling
  • Sleeplessness, fear and craving for food
  • Unwell feeling on getting out of the bed in the morning
If you face any of the above in 24 hours, you might be experiencing depression, and it makes you powerless!
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