Monday, November 7, 2011

What is Toyota's Branding Strategy that Keeps Toyota at the Top

I drive Toyota and love it! The company claims that “80% of all Toyotas sold in the last 20 years are still on the road today.” Agree to disagree; Toyota is a strong car, a tough brand and far ahead in the branding strategy as compared to its Japanese competitors Honda and Nissan.

According to Mike Stefaniak, a marketing communications professional;

Toyota recognizes the difference between just marketing products and actually investing in creating a brand for the company. The company seems to know the value of creating a corporate framework to facilitate customers’ preference for the company’s products. Hence, a strong company reputation is contributing to the product being a safe choice.”

But why Toyota is a great auto brand? Since last thirty years, the company has built its brand around 5 key factors:

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