Friday, November 11, 2011

How did Coke created a Top Brand?

Who can deny the fact that Coca Cola has created a brand that is well known and respected around the globe? Recent report on Best Global Brand by Interbrand has put Coca Cola at the top of the list. Commonly known as Coke, has left all other competitors wondering about the unique branding and marketing strategies created and implemented by the company.

Started in 1866, continuous improvement in the packaging and brand positioning resulted in the success of this company. Since its inception the company is closely aligning the product with the dynamics of consumer sophistication and acceptability of innovation.

The company does not miss any opportunity to associate its brand with mega global celebrations and events. For example in 2010, at FIFA World Cup, Coke launched a new version of Somali-Canadian K’Naan’s Waving Flag song. An event which was according to FIFA, the International Association of Football Association, cumulatively watched by 26 billion people (64 matches). That was the largest activation in Coke’s history. The song went viral through social media, TV commercials and was linked by the common thread of celebration.

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