Monday, November 7, 2011

How can Social Media be used as a Tool for Job Search

If you have been employed and doing well in your career, you might not need career advice!

But most people need to grow faster and progress quickly. I am one of them and I want others to grow fast too! In my opinion, in most cases, growth is due to high level contacts and networking.

For over last three years, I have been monitoring social media trends, believe it or not, more and more jobs are now available on social media. Avoiding social media or using it only for chatting to friending is perhaps something that will push you behind the scene. No one can deny the fact that face-to-face networking is crucial, but ignoring the importance of active social media presence is crime, bluntly speaking, those who are not following the norms, are making a serious mistake!

I am a great fan of social media networking and strongly belief that no other medium can provide the extreme exposure one can get using social media tools. Ali Chambers, vice president at Boston-based executive coaching and outplacement supports my views and said;

“People who have neglected to create and update a social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn, could miss out on being considered for positions.”

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