Friday, April 23, 2010

What is a Lifetime Opportunity?

“This was a lifetime opportunity”, is an statement heard by many. The statement explains a rare chance that can bring some extraordinary benefits for us, be it making money, career growth, buying a car, finding a life partner, etc.

I agree that certain and extremely rare opportunities may apprear only once in lifetime, but that does not mean there will not be other and better opportunities coming our way. Hence my argument is when our future is a secret thing, how can we call an opportunity a “lifetime or rare”?

In my opinion, lost opportunities are those that have never come our way, these were never meant for us. But those that are intended to be ours, will not only be easy to grab, I would say “These will fall into our laps”, and without much efforts.

Please see how many such opportunities fell into your lap during your lifetime and did you grab them or else?


Ashraf Chaudhry said...

Hammad, a very good thought indeed. The 'rare' opportunities occur daily in our life and they become rare once we ignore or fail to grab them.

Nadeem said...

I totally agree with Hammad, it is very true, I used to belive that "Golden opportunity happence once in a Liftime only" I wasWRONG, opportunities passing by you Its on us that How high we jump or How fast we run to grab them, We only need to do some Possitive efforts to achieve them, I am one of the best example not to grab them in the past But getting ready to jump high or run fast soon, so my fellows be ready to grab me if I Jump too high :-)
Nadeem Khan

Recombinant said...

It all depends on person's ability to make decision at that time on the basis of information avaiable. There are always risks associated with an opportunity. Those risks may be linked to not having enough information at that time , for example. Some will hold on saying "I do not know enough" . Some will make analysis of opportunity on assumpations and will take decision.

policy II said...

This is indeed an interesting debate.According to my Perception there is no such thing which may be marked as lifetime or rare opportunity. If one aims to succeed, then every rising day its self is an opportunity to proof his/her worth. Who have the courage will create an opportunity for themself with each passing minute.