Monday, September 19, 2011

CV is a great marketing tool!

My lastblog published at ExpressTribune received an overwhelming response. Not only
was it widely read,commented, facebook liked, couple of readers emailed me their issues related to preparing good CVs particularly those with little or no working experience.
I fully agree with Mr Raza Abbas, who picked-up the blog from LinkedIn update and posted the following message:

Dear Mr. Hammad,
Thanks for sharing the article. Nicely written however the majority of jobs are found
though networking this is a global and local strategy, I would recommend you
focus to graduates on how to do networking; it is a skill that not many can know.

Thanks once again for sharing.
Take care,
Raza Abbas
Global Career Consultant

No one can deny the importance of networking; it certainly helps in tapping into the hidden job market. But at the same time, for those who are not well networked and are fresh to the job market, a quality

CV improves the changes for ensures an interview call. In my opinion CV is your key marketing tool. A job hunter needs to spend considerable time and energy while preparing a quality CV. If you search google, millions of resources will pop-up, but my blog focuses on few tips focusing the Pakistani job market.

You need to remember the following points while preparing you CV.
1. Be relevant:
2. Use Readable Format:
3. Be Creative:

Last advice for new entrants is to apply as many jobs as they can, this will increase the probability for more interviews. Click here for complete arcitle and best of luck with CV writing!

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