Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Experiments can Improve Sales

Effective Product display is a technique used by large stores and branded product outlets. However, small businesses often neglect the importance of this important tool.

In the year 2000, I was working as a part time cashier at Dairy Queen outlet in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Owners were two Italian friends who had other businesses as well. This outlet was managed by a Senior Staff member. His name was Mark. He was a great guy. He trained me in the art of ice cream making (I am still good at it!).

We used to make ice cream cakes and other products from raw ice cream. I am sure not many of you have heard RAW ICE CREAM. This means ice cream coming direct from the freezer. The process is simple, plastic container full of homogenized and pasteurized milk is attached with the freezer via pipes. Freezer sucks milk and rotates it at a certain speed, raw ice cream is ready to use in 30 minutes.

We had cold displays cabinets in which ice cream cakes and other packaged products were displayed. I observed that specific products were staked in a specific cabinets, and customers pick the first available container only, and the rest of the containers remained unsold. It was our duty to replenish these cabinets.

I had an idea, without asking Mark. I changed the display setting, which allowed customers to see every flavor available in the cabinet. Two benefits, customers were selecting from a wider variety, and sales increased the same day this change was made. Mark asked me how I got this idea, I said simple – I placed myself as a customer and quickly learnt what needed to be fixed.

You know what, I got a 1$ raise in my hourly pay – I was making $5 extra everyday!

Simple things can bring major changes; one does not need to know ROCKET SCINECE. Message is “keep experimenting!”


Masooma said...

so true! in order to run a good business a person should look through his customers perspective... a small blog with a very practical message...
well done sir.

Umar said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing!