Sunday, October 10, 2010

Will Cartoon Characters build our Next Generation!

Super kids can only build super generations!

Those kids that live in the real world and are able to think and react to situations naturally.

Please look around and see if we are helping our next gen kids to grow in normal circumstances, or we have handed them over to Cartoon Characters of Ben10, Barbie, Bratz etc?

TV and Computers have overpowered the way elders think and behave, and unfortunately, same is the case with kids. The imprints these kids are getting from TV and Computers and cartoon characters will produce a generation beyond our imagination. These unnatural, moving and shouting characters will form unnatural humans to rule our world!

This is scary!


Tazeen Mohsin said...

Also there is so much violence being taught through these kids. They actually conducted a research on children who watched 5hours to normal cartoons as compared to 1-2hrs and saw them twice as aggressive. After all, the good guys even "beat up" the bad guys!

Emad Sohail said...

Depends on the background of the family, which is indeed an internal factor. There are handful disappearing families in our society, where there is a custom, where children are taught to wake up early in the morning, offer fajr prayers, reciting Holy Quran and in the evening after Magrib prayer the head of the family daily delivers 'Taleem' for 15-30 mins mainly about religion and ethics then after Esha prayer maximum till 10:00 p.m. everybody falls asleep. I have seen such families but our next hip hop generation are ignorant about these principles of upright life. And Sadly there are no 'Nonehaals' of Shaheed Hakeem Muhammad Saeed left in Pakistan :(

My suggestion is, cartoons need to be reengineered in such a way like 'sesame street' is the best example.

Otherwise our future is nightmare :(