Saturday, October 23, 2010

Social Vs "Board Room Styled" Meetings

Reading an interesting observation by Glenn Parker, team building consultant and author of Meeting Excellence: 33 Tools to Lead Meetings that Get Results, “The main thing people hate about meetings is that they are poorly run or don't accomplish anything,"

And was comparing this with Barack Obama recent statement when he said that “Something that could take 20 serious meetings can be achieved at a social discussion over a party” !

In my view also, social meetings are extremely useful because absence of a written agenda gives more flexibility for discussions to go from official versions to social discussions, and that keeps our mind relaxed. Often there is meal and drinks available that attract our attention from things we differ to agree. Those who have experienced both “board room styled” and social meetings will concur that socially, there are less words to chew!

I ran a small survey on my facebook by asking opinions on Obama’s statement.


Well agreed! Social discussion or should I say playing golf!

...depends on the liquids served

This is how we move things......

Very true sir, sometimes u got many things useful knowledge in form of brainstorming wd having lunch, chill party wd friends=)

People understand professional things better in a non professional environment

Really Sir, this is true

true many times but sometimes when the matter is more complex does need a structured system/ environment

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Malik Mirza said...

Hammad sb - nice thoughts

If you have time, take a look into Keith Ferrazi's book: Never Eat Alone.

'Networking' counts! It can make a poor school boy get to Harvard - that is what Keith Ferrazi is -

Now, there are two types of meetings: formal and informal

It would be quite lethal to run corporate meetings without agenda while it would be great to run social meeting without agenda!

thanks for sharing.

Perhaps, if you have time, please write as a guest blogger for my blog on ideas from any good management, business or self help book


Malik Mirza