Thursday, April 8, 2010

Promoting Brand Image – Learning from Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik Story

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So were they international fame? No, Sania Mirza was known to tennis lovers, mostly of Indian origin, and Shoaib Malik was a cricketer known to few cricket playing nations.

Their marriage was not such a big event that could become headlines in most media around the globe! Only one move made them the most discussed couple on every form of media in only couple of weeks!

Was that a strategically planned, or was an accident? One character Ayesha was the key in what we saw “Creating the Mess”. But it was also proved that mess is sometime useful in building the Brand Image!

We may see Sania-Shoaib designer shop, sports products, novel, a movie (on their adventures wedding). Best of luck to them.

Learning: Keep exploring the new ways to promote your brand and yourself, becoming a household name should be the objective.


Armaghan Saqib said...

I would strongly disagree with you on your entire blog post. Here are my comments.

"Saina Mirza was known to tennis lovers, mostly of Indian origin". This is just your assumption, not a universal truth. Support it with evidence if you can. I know Sania since she became star and never played tennis and I am not an Indian. And many of my friends know her this way.

"Shoaib Malik was a cricketer known to few cricket playing nations" and this fact has not changed even after the controversy. Do you think that he is now known in other countries because of this controversy? How?

"But it was also proved that mess is sometime useful in building the Brand Image!" Absolutely false. Just ask any brand manager. Will he be willing to start a controversy about his brand? A brand can die instantly with a controversy. Just look back and see the trouble which "lays" crisps faced about haram ingredients. Or how the tetra pack milk companies requested the court to stop publishing the report about the quality of their milk.

Malik Mirza said...

Nice analysis and food for thought: Was it by accident or by design?

Opening up designer's shop is a nice idea too...... Some thing which buddin entrepreneurs should start thinking from now... :-)

well said Hammad Sb

Anonymous said...

If one doesn't have interest in tennis and cricket and not heard the names of these two as fame figures it's no ones fault. Brands and companies are paying them for their promotions. Its my point of view, one may disagree...however a good post to provoke discussions and attract happy.

Sajid said...

dears you both wrote on different angles like one talking about Head and other is talking about tail. here i think not an issue of brand even it is not an issue of fame. its just third party intest like Joowa PLayer come in and create interst and earn money, you think that Media is Fool and highlighting this issue just free, my brothers it just game of money which was involved by Bookies and it my be involvement of other personalities who who dont want to like both countries peace process and they just need an issue and both nations are full agressiveness and foolish elements are available everywhere.