Friday, April 30, 2010

The Most Intimate Innovation of This Century! Birth Control Pill

So is it TV, Internet, iPod, iPad, CD, DVD ………. No!

The Time Magazine suggests that the Birth Control Pill is the one that affected us most intimately!

Richard Stengel, Managing Editor of Time Magazine writes;

“In 2010 the importance of women’s health is more pressing than ever; hundreds of thousands of women die in pregnancy and childbirth each year. Counties that educate and empower women tend to be less violent and unstable and more likely to develop socially and economically”

While I agree that women empowerment by providing equal opportunity in decision making, education, health and other aspects of democratic culture is vitally important, but I fail to understand how developed nations will cope with reduced birth rate and aging generation. The only option most such nations are looking at is “Encourage Immigrants” to come, live, work and produce the next generation for these countries.

It’s a challenging question; We should remember “one size does not fit all”!


Adeel Ahmed said...

Hey Hammad - its indeed an important thought.

I believe, the global systems are in the control of Allah and He has sent us as His Caliph (Arabic: خليفة). Hence, gave certain authorities & resources to make use of. We must make wise use of the authorities, knowledge & technologies to make our lives the way He wants us to.

Quran & Hadith must be consulted before making global differences - one wrong step can put us to great deal of difficulties.

Anonymous said...

Certainly Allah has given us resources and wisdom to make a choice which suites each individual, of course with in the bounds of ethics and religion. If TWO are too less we must be able to understand that EIGHT are too much. Here comes the help in the shape of different contraceptives.

Anonymous said...

Women empowerment is not only confined to her choice of "pill" A woman has been given the rights and duties as her counterpart, well defined by Allah and Quran. Certain Western countries are facing a negtive growth, but that does not mean that this right of choice opted by women is or not used properly,rather it is the nature which provides balances and harmony in various ways and in various aspects. Immigration form third world to developed world is one of such mechanism.