Sunday, February 14, 2010

Power of Words

Have you ever thought how specific words can impact on your emotions?

Words we speak are vibrations, no matter which language you speak, these vibrations can motivate, demotivate, relax or create frustration.

Only recently I experimented the impact of this vibration on a group of 21 women leaders from chambers across Pakistan. Sitting in a workshop environment, I asked them to close their eyes and tell themselves "I am about to start an extremely difficult job". They were left in this feeling for a minute, and after one minute, I asked them to open their eyes and share what they felt. Over 90% said that they felt pressure, anxiety and depression.

I asked them to close their eyes and relax for few seconds. After about 30 seconds, I asked them to tell their mind "I am about to start an extremely challenging task". They were remained in this state of mind for a minutes. After a minute everyone shared the positive vibes such as energy, encouragement and strength.

You can experiment it too. Please share your feelings with me. My email is:

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