Monday, November 26, 2012

Job Opportunity in Islamabad - Pakistan

Manager Communication & Donor Relations at a Bank

Sector: Banking
Position Title: Manager Communication & Donor Relations
Position Location: Islamabad
Salary: 60K to160K -- may vary
Benefits: Mobile allowance, Health, and Life Insurance

Essential Requirements:
-- Experience in foreign/international organization or donor-funded project
-- Experience of working in Donor Relations/Donor Coordination and Report Writing
-- Minimum about 5 years work experience

Min. Qualification:
-- Masters degree, preferably in international relations, communications or an Arts/Social Science field,

-- Minimum 5 years experience with international development agency/ NGO with specific experience in communications, Project management, resource mobilization, and/or donor relations

-- Proven ability to successfully develop and manage funding proposals to institutional donors.
-- Demonstrated ability to articulate point of view in presentation and report writing.
-- Use a high degree of tact and diplomacy in working with others
-- Ability to deliver under tight timelines on multiple assignments.
-- Ability to develop & present key performance indicators to aid decision making and ability to participate effectively in senior management meeting.
-- Supports team decisions with a good ability to listen to learn and to demonstrate flexibility and good resilience to change.

-- The position is responsible to provide a coordinated, responsive and clear interface between donors and Bank
-- This has high-level responsibility within the organisation on external representation to ensure timely and clear information flows and communications to donors and other external stakeholders.


-- Contribute to the formulation and maintenance of the Bank’s Funding Strategy to support on sourcing and securing funding for the Bank’s initiatives/interventions.
-- Coordinate communications and relations with prospective multilateral/bilateral donors. Act as focal point within Bank with donors, including responding to information requests.
-- Support the Senior management to identify and develop opportunities with existing and new donors and funding mechanisms, maintain strong relationships with existing donors, building interactive relationships and present the Bank’s strategy to their particular interests and expectations.
-- Conduct ongoing donor mapping and research, intelligence gathering and analysis of external funding trends and feed this to business planning so as to inform and align funding strategy.
-- Support development and submission of donor proposals. This requires working closely with other functions in order to advise and support them to understand and meet donor requirements and take account of donor feedback during the development process.
-- Track donor requests and ensure full, accurate and timely response is returned to them and a professional, positive and responsive relationship is maintained.
-- As needed, provide support to monitor grant progress, and proactively flag issues to be raised with donors, such as the need for contract amendments, no-cost extensions and budget realignments, advising on any donor-specific requirements which might apply.
-- Act as a gatekeeper in Bank in terms of ensuring quality and timely submission of reports, and work with other functions to continuously improve the quality of donor reports.
-- Coordinate and accompany donor visits to field areas, ensuring follow up on issues and undertakings arising from these visits.
-- Provide regular management information on the status of donor relations, risk areas, learning points and solutions to SMT.
-- Prepare the monthly grant monitoring meetings, and have a general overview of the progress of grant spend and implementation.
-- Developing and implementing the Bank Communications strategy in coordination with the advertising and PR agency.
-- Developing collateral and publications such as corporate presentations, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, website, product leaflets, corporate media campaigns, documentaries, success stories, corporate giveaways and other publications for external and internal circulation to create and promote a positive image of the Bank and its services.
-- Ensuring compliance with the Graphics Identity Standards and set values and behaviours that reflect the corporate brand.
-- Developing and maintaining Stakeholders’ relations - Liaison with customers, Government, shareholders institutions, BOD and other stakeholders.

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Sohaib Taimoor
Recruitment Executive
Career Pakistan

How Did JC Penny Pricing Strategy Fail?

US is a highly customer sensitive market. Radical experiments can work, but when backfire, retrieval is generally almost impossible.
Undoubtedly pricing strategy is the key to bring customers in stores. US customers are known to drive miles to avail small coupon offers. Price war is tough. In this situation why did JC Penny showed bravery in changing its pricing strategy and stopped issuing coupons to its customers who were used to of getting deals from the store via coupon based promotions. That resulted in a significant decline in customer visits, resulted in sharp decline in sales which had fallen 26.1 per cent against an estimated decrease of 17.9 per cent.
Before the start of Christmas session, JC Penny needs to bring its customers back. Stores are now focusing on putting manufacturer’s prices together with Penney’s deal prices. They are hoping that these two price tags are expected to attract customers. Stores are also starting seasonal vendor promotion technique which means partnering with vendors that are already putting their products on sales.

How to Sell Ideas?

Spiritual Journey into the Entrepreneurship begins with smart ideas.
In my view, entrepreneurs are the most spiritually connected people who can turn some craziest ideas into profits.
So are you an entrepreneur or not, there are several examples and explanations. In my view, keeping explanation simple is important, hence the following description:
  • Businessman thinks for today – An entrepreneur has a long term vision
  • For Businessman incremental growth is good – An entrepreneur focuses on exponential growth
  • Businessman is cheeky – An entrepreneurs is customer focused
  • Businessman considers promotion as liability – An entrepreneur thinks it as an investment
As an entrepreneur your biggest challenge is to lit up the passion fire at a level that could drive your entrepreneurial spirituality into exponential success. Business environment is challenging, there is competition out there, and only the best with the extreme passion will succeed!