Friday, April 2, 2010

Inspirations - Dreams Come True!

I was wondering when we grow, why we imitate people around us, why we like or dislike certain things? How do we chose a career, buy a car etc.

I was caught by one word that makes things happen in our lives, “Inspirations”, we grow up with lots of these around us.

Recently, I was reading an article by Amy Twain, author of "Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You", who says that “Real inspiration can be compared to a fingerprint, different for every person”. Isn’t that true? We all know that not everyone is inspired by similar things.

Yes, you can find them where ever you go. Be fully aware and look around objectively, believe me, universe is full of inspirational stuff.

List what inspires you; it will help you in making your dreams come true!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Explore Possibilities with Positive Attitude

An attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual's degree of like or dislike for an item. Attitudes are generally positive or negative views of a person, place, thing, or event --- Defination from wikipedia

What does it mean? In simple words it suggests that when human being faces a situation when something is going against his or her expectations, usually a pessimistic approach develops that instigates negative attitude. And a positive attitude is a reflection of our expected outcomes of an event etc.

Now go back in your memories and think when and where negative attitude brought even bigger pessimistic vision? I am sure you will find many instances when in the back of your mind; you developed this negativity that attracted more negativity and created depression and anxiety!

This proves that the attitude we display certainly reflects on the path we take in life and in everything we do while staying in that frame of mind. Not only that, it also affects our life by determining what happens to us today and tomorrow.

So, now we know that our attitude determines many aspects of our life and positive attitude brings about positive things, while a negative attitude spreads negativity around us.

Be transformed by adapting to a positive attitude, join the positivity --

Friday, March 12, 2010

Important to think strategically!

Thinking is a gifted process. We usually take it for granted, don’t we?

In your contact circle, how many colleagues, co-workers, friends, family members you saw going through the “Process of Thinking?”

“Thinking Mechanically” is the our common behavior!

However, it is an undeniable fact that the ever changing and highly competitive environment that we live in requires an effective approach to issues that we face on almost daily basis.

So what shall we do? First thing is first; Avoid linear thinking, Consider formal planning and "think out of the box", as it adds innovation to your thinking process.

You will be surprised to learn that once start thinking strategically, you will experience issues being resolved easily. Why? Because, you have now learnt to foresee potential threats and opportunities. Not only it becomes a competitive differential for you in this dynamic and extremely demanding challenging environment, it also defines a clearer direction by giving a “bird's eye view” of your future roadmap.

To me the biggest benefit one could have by following the path of “Strategic Thinking” is building the value of your “Human Capital”.

Strategic thinking is a science, we should learn it.