Sunday, July 7, 2013

FoodPanda Brings The Largest Variety of Food Online

What is for Lunch today, is this a question that is raised in your office about fifteen minutes before lunch-time?  Well, in my office this used to be a routine, five days a week question. The reason is simple, people have changed their habits. Most office staff does not bring a lunchbox from home.

Craving for food becomes intense around mid-day and still busy at work, most do not realize that it's time for lunch – and "What is for lunch today" question arises.

In our office, we have solved the issue. Thanks to – a single platform for ordering food online from a variety of restaurants. Chinese, fast-food, desi, you name it.

It's so happened that I was looking at facebook page that has over 300,000 fans and realized that almost every popular restaurant is available there. I asked my colleagues to try with Four simple steps:
  • 1     Go to
  • 2.       Select your area for food delivery
  • 3.       Select your restaurant
  • 4.       Order your food

First reaction from my colleagues was "we are not sure if this actually works!" – But the very next day, there was a strike in Karachi. All shops were closed; there was no chance of getting food from the next-door restaurant. Screaming for food started as usual – I again said, "let's try" – No choice, colleagues agreed to order via this site.

Everyone wanted Chinese, so a selection of Chinese was ordered. Website also provided the total cost of the order. Approximate time for delivery was 30 minutes. Since it was an unusual situation in the city, delivery took 15 minutes more, and our order was delivered in about 45 minutes.

Hot meal, properly packed, with disposable spoons and forks, we hit the dining table and enjoyed our meal.

FoodPanda is certainly added a revolution in the restaurant industry. For Foodies, it provides choices that are otherwise impossible to consider while ordering food. In my office, everyone with a smartphone now has FoodPanda application.

        Did you try – of not, do it soon and enjoy the    experience, a unique experience of ordering food right from your computer or smartphone – there are exciting deals available almost everyday!


Huzaifa Shabbir Hussain, Entrepreneurship Development;Accountancy Solution for Small Businesses said...

Foodpanda you have brought a new concept for karachites...Awsome!!

FarihaMunirShah said...

Definitely going to try it. Am a great foodie.

Anthony Williams said...

Thank you for sharing the review of a wonderful website with us; I am sure that now ordering lunch will be much more easy and may be fun too.

Frank Brown said...

This sounds like a fantastic service, something our office would benefit from.

Rumaisa Mohani said...

A great idea. Wishing success :)

Masood Rizvi said...

waw! the only word came in my mind instantly after reading this post. this is the absolute example of #social media power, which my guru Hammad Siddiqui talks, practices,probes and pushes everyone to explore the #social media power. would be a great success in countries,where law and order situation persists...