Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TiECon Sparks the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

The spirit of Entrepreneurship drives economies. Better opportunities to start a business means that the environment is business friendly in that country also that youth considers entrepreneurship as an option. Unfortunately, Pakistan does not fall in the category of business friendly countries. There are many aspects, but two key reasons are:

1.      Tough regulatory environment
2.      Youth’s focus on job market

In this situation, there has been a need to engage youth in debates on “why they should consider entrepreneurial careers”. Mentors need to be motivated to spare time and continue dialogue on various forums available in Pakistan.

The Indus Enterprise (TiE) Global celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The initiative currently operates in fourteen countries with over 13,000 members. TiE’s key focus is “helping start ups  start-up”. The global institution and its regional initiatives organize several events throughout the year to keep the Spirit of Entrepreneurship alive.

TiE Pakistan hosts TiECon to be part of this exciting entrepreneurship development initiatives. This year the conference is being held at Karachi on 30th November. Check here for agenda and registration:

Throughout the day there will be exciting speakers to enlighten participants with their experience and knowledge about the subject.

Following is a list of speakers and discussions:

Umair Jaliawala, Executive Director, The Indus Entrepreneurs 

Muhammad Aliuddin Ansari , President & CEO, Engro Corporation

Rafiq Rangoonwala - CEO, Cupola  

Panel Discussion: 'The Hockey Stick: How to build scale & drive growth?'

Dr Shaukat Brah - Dean, Karachi School for Business & Leadership
Muhammad Aliuddin Ansari - President & CEO, Engro Corporation
Salman Burney - CEO, GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan
Masood Hashmi - CEO, Orient Communication

Session Chair: Zafar A Siddiqui - Director Center of Entrepreneurship Development, IBA

Triumphs & Tribulations - Stories of entrepreneurs who made it BIG!

Monis Rahman - Chairman and CEO,  Naseeb Networks
Sardar A Qayyum - Owner, BBQ Tonight
Dr Akhlaq Ahmed - Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Management

Transforming Lives

Dr. Ahson Rabbani - Executive Director, Program Development & Communication, Aman Foundation 

Thematic Talks

Young Blood 
Faizan A Laghari - CEO,  The Flagship Group
Umair Jaliawala - CEO, School of Leadership

Women Power 
Nilofer Saeed - Owner,  Hobnob Bakery
Shireen Naqvi - Director, School of Leadership

Money Matters 
A B Shahid - Former Chief Rep. for Pakistan, Hatton National Bank Ltd.
Amin Hashwani - Director,  Hashwani Group of Companies

Taher A Khan - Chairman,  Interflow Group
Hammad Siddiqui - Deputy Country Director, CIPE

Social Entrepreneurship 
Dr Asher Hasan - Founder & CEO,  Naya Jeevan
Zaheer Kidvai - CEO, BiTS

Battle of Business Ideas: The Business Plan Competition

Thematic Talks

Academic Leadership
Ch Faisal Mushtaq - Founder & CEO, Change in Education
Dr A Wahab - President, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University

Fashion & Media
Amir Adnan - Owner, Shapar
Freiha Altaf - Owner & CEO, Catwalk Productions

Manufacturing and Trade
Mohsin Dharsi - President, Mohsin Dharsi Group of Companies
Abdullah Feroz - MD, Efroze Chemical

Shoaib Qureshy - Chief Strategy Officer, Bulls Eye Communications

Amer Sarfraz - Partner & VP of Business, Bramerz
Amin ur Rehman - CEO, at Rocket Internet Pakistan


Tech Panel: 'Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs' 

Jamal Khan, CEO, Arpatech
Farzal Dojki, CEO, Next Generation Innovations
Shahida Saleem, Chairperson, Sehat First 
Shahjahan Chaudhry, CEO, Teamants

Session Chair: Rabia Garib, Editor-in-Chief of CIO Magazine & Jehan Ara,  President Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA)

Umair Jaliwala, Executive Director, TiE Karachi in his message to this post said:

In the looming economic and political times, the job markets are becoming bleeding competitive and start-ups are becoming riskier and difficult to sustain! This calls for entrepreneurship and not the convention 'Mind Your Business' approach but rather a collaborative, creative and considerate one. TiEcon 2012 leverage on bringing entrepreneurs and to-be-entrepreneurs together for powerful networking and lifelong learning. For most career starters today, the orthodox job and 'work for life' is unappealing. The energy and talent is on an all-time high, the direction and consistency must come in. For individuals who have started out already must unleash the power of collaboration and work together to develop their respective industries. For those who have been there and done that, the time is now to give, to educator and to mentor.

See you at TiEcon 2012, this Friday i.e. Nov 30 at Sheraton, Karachi. Dig or 
call 021 35296417-8 for details.


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