Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Can Facebook Help in Generating Business Leads

Facebook with its massive outreach to over 800 million active users globally has become an ultimate promotional tool for businesses and simply cannot be ignored.

Those who label it as timewaster would be astonished by taking a quick browse on reasons for considering Facebook as a promotional tool for any business:

It is the single platform that connects its users speaking 70 languages. According to Facebook stats, over 400 million users visit their newsfeed at least once every day; this connects (on an average) them to eighty community pages, Facebook groups or events posted by their contacts. Users consider this platform as a good tool to upload photos. It has become so popular that on an average over 250 million photos are being uploaded every day!

With an increasing use through mobile devices, this application is now accessed by more than 350 million users via their cell phones or Smartphones. This gives Facebook an extra ordinary outreach to people on the go.
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