Thursday, December 1, 2011

6 Tips for Time Management

A conversation this morning with a 23 year old young lad inspired me to write this post. The conversation was on “Time Management”. Like many others, this youngster was also finding it tough to accomplish various tasks in a given day. His average sleep time has reduced drastically with about 3-4 hours a day! To be very honest, he was struggling with his daily routine.

I googled three combinations for time management and following is the result:

Pages available on “Time Management” are 219,000,000
Pages available on “Time Management Tips” 41,600,000
Pages available on “Time Management Skills” are 56,800,000

One thing in common, none of these can help you increase even a single minute of a 24 hours cycle! Isn’t that astonishing?
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Rohman said...

The problem of not enough time is often happens since we wish to complete all of the tasks that we have in a single day.

If you could see closer to your tasks, you must find that not all of the tasks must be done at one time. Stephen R. Covey divide the matrix of time management into 4 quadrant : 1. Important and urgent, 2. Important but not urgent, 3. Urgent but not important, 4. Not important and not urgent.

The only task that you should do immediately is the task that urgent and important. The project that closes to the deadline, the claim from your customer, or go to the doctor are kinds of tasks that need an immediate action. You can not wait or cancel its completion since the affect could be bad.