Sunday, August 28, 2011

Branding Lesson from Lady Gaga


Recently I was following Lady Gaga who has established her brand extremely well. Her creativity is really inspiring. She is identifiable everywhere in the world. Following factors led her to a successful brand building:

1. She told her story over and over in the same consistent way and found millions of loyal fans by identifying herself as a “weirdo” who was completely different from the rest of the “pretty” girls who attended the same catholic school she did; not being the most attractive was not and is not an obstacle to be the most successful.

2. Projected her as “Mother Monster” to her fans who she calls “Little Monsters”, has made her mission to be the unifying factor and the role model for the underdog, the not so good looking, the geeky and the wacky, and they all love her because she is one of them. Even her most recent world tour was called “The Monster Ball” and her previous album is “The Fame Monster”.

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