Saturday, August 20, 2011

The 100th Post - Publishing my 100th Blogpost is a Milestone!

My 100th post! Its a milestone I am publishing my 100th blogpost!

When I started writing my 100thpost, it was like a batsman facing a pacer on a fast track with a new ball on his 99! Those who have been in this situation can only understand the feelings of reaching this milestone of hitting a century!

Only in 2011, I have encouraged and also trained at least six corporate personalities to become bloggers. The recent one is Mr Saad Amanullah, CEO of Gillette Pakistan. In the league were, Dr Afra Sajjad, Head of Education for Middle East North African and South Asia at ACCA, Dr Habib Aslam Gaba, a renowned cardiologist, Emad Sohail and Huzaifa Shabbir Hussain, my colleagues from CIPE and Dr Muhammad Azam Roomi, Principal Lecturer, MBM Program Director at Bedford University at Luton, UK.

But this particular post is about me, how did I start and what did I learn during the course of thisjourney.

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