Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stuck on your career ladder – Tools for Moving Ahead

I promised to write a follow-up blog to the one published in August last year
titled “Career Stagnation Syndrome”. I started that blog by asking:

Did you ever realize how challenging it is to continue upward on your career ladder?
I received several emails and comments on my facebook and linkedin posts suggesting that generally, people feel “they are stuck”).

In my view, YOU are the sole problem!

Ask yourself: Am I really putting in efforts that would build momentum for my career move? Think about it…. and run a reality check based on the following points:

Do I have the right qualifications, experience and exposure?
Is my current employer growing in business volumes and profits?
Is senior management supportive of my career development?
What is the competition like (are there any other potential candidates waiting for promotion)?

Write down your statements and now answer the following questions:

- Do I need to upgrade my qualifications?
- Do I need to look for another job in a sector and company that is growing?
- How do I show enthusiasm and express my desire for promotion to senior management?
- How can I beat the competition?

Your answers will help you make a strategic plan that will build momentum and the energy required to pull you out of the situation.

It’s like re-launching a brand when companies repackage the old stuff and find a new market for their products. My experience is that people stuck in their career get frustrated and generally complaints without realizing “how free they are to make a move!”.

It’s simple and doable; just remember three words:
Commitment – Passion - Action


Huzaifa Shabbir Hussain said...

It’s true; it’s we who don't try to go ahead!! I would like to share my own experience I started my career as a date entry operator, but my passion to learn excel and taking ownership of work has proven to my management that I started taking ownership of project and my organization started thinking of succession planning which we rarely see!!!! I will lay out the whole scenario as by quoting Newton Third Law of Motion “For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction” so to be successful in life action is required .

Khurrum Iqbal said...

Huzafia Shabbir, you are lucky enough you got early and quick ladder to climb to your career path. But sometime when competition is more and fierce (composite) then it is hard to beat. Sometime opportunities make person up working in a big organistion like Wall Mart (Top 10 Fortune 500 company).