Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is 3 Idiots an inspiration from Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Millions watched 3 Idiots, an Indian film by Amir Khan (http://bit.ly/2PotAU).

The topic of this film is inspiring. Story talks about three young lads joining an engineering university, two of them purely because their parents wanted them to become engineers whereas one of these three was really interested in learning what engineering was!

In one scene, dialogues were (Translation): “Since I did not have to attend any specific class, I used to go to school and sit in the class I liked the most”!

That dialogue took my thoughts to Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address when he said:
“After six months, I could not see any value in attending the college, I decide to dropout, it was quite scary in the beginning, but the moment I dropped out, things started becoming clearer. I did not have to take classes didn’t interest me and beginning dropping in the one that I liked.”
http://bit.ly/sInuU (Listen to Steve Jobs’ speech)

Did you find similarity here? I did….

That made me think that the film is an inspiration from Steve Jobs……Any comments?


Khallaj said...

well as per my knowledge movie is inspired by a novel of chetan bhagat .. but u know .. its india .. he could have copied the Steve

Khallaj said...


thats the refernce URL

Faisal Awan said...

yes, you are right and in my opinion the movie also tell us to think out of the box.
We normally don't do that.

Armaghan Saqib said...

Our education system is badly broken and we are very slow to realize this. This is a very good movie which brings home this point vividly. My only complain with the movie is that the hero gets 1st position as well which does not seem realistic. I have yet to see somebody (or read real life story) who was passionate about his art and also got 1st position in the broken system. But this is movie of course.