Sunday, July 25, 2010

Problems are Opportunities!

Problems around the globe keep the news media alive!

I still remember a comment by a CNN reporter “If there is no violence, there is no news”. Isn’t that a valid comment? Such news has conditioned our brains to look for negative and problem riddled news. However there is one nation that has redefined the way people look at problems! Chinese….. yes they call these problems “Opportunities”.

Recently reading an article in TIME magazine “China’s New Continent”, I was amazed to learn that China is investing heavily in Africa, a continent known for PROBLEMS!

Chinese have invested in countries such as Algeria ($20 billion in construction industry), Nigeria ($23 billion in refineries), Angola ($2.5 billion in offshore oil) and South Africa ($5.5 billion in banking sector) suggest that China is delivering investments on one hand for creating a new market for its products, and on the other, accessing new resources.

Chinese Ambassador to The Democratic Republic of Congo says “Other countries say, this country has lots of problems. We say there is huge potential”!

One interesting lesson for me……… look around for problems, these will actually create opportunities…… the only condition is to remain positive!


Malik said...

Dear Hammad Sb greetings - by this pretext, they should invest in Pakistan a lot too :-)
What do you think? By the way, I read some where that in Mondarian language the word used for problem is same word which is used for opportunity - Is that true?


Tazeen Mohsin said...

There's a saying darkness is the ideal place for light because even the slightest light brightens up the entire place.. but the question is are we all really willing to risk it to find solutions since at times it seems impossible. Very nice read :)

Denise Davies said...

Thanks for your posting. This terminology is also common in American business practice to some extent. Don't call it a "problem" call it a "Challenge" -- I like the Chinese wording even better and go for "Opportunity".

Nisar Ahmad said...

You are very right Hammad.

Neel said...

Great post!!!!!Its basically a matter of perception...nothing is absolutely good or bad....a problem for one may be an opportunity for why not look at the problems as a potential opportunity!!!!!!