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TiECon Sparks the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

The spirit of Entrepreneurship drives economies. Better opportunities to start a business means that the environment is business friendly in that country also that youth considers entrepreneurship as an option. Unfortunately, Pakistan does not fall in the category of business friendly countries. There are many aspects, but two key reasons are:

1.      Tough regulatory environment
2.      Youth’s focus on job market

In this situation, there has been a need to engage youth in debates on “why they should consider entrepreneurial careers”. Mentors need to be motivated to spare time and continue dialogue on various forums available in Pakistan.

The Indus Enterprise (TiE) Global celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The initiative currently operates in fourteen countries with over 13,000 members. TiE’s key focus is “helping start ups  start-up”. The global institution and its regional initiatives organize several events throughout the year to keep the Spirit of Entrepreneurship alive.

TiE Pakistan hosts TiECon to be part of this exciting entrepreneurship development initiatives. This year the conference is being held at Karachi on 30th November. Check here for agenda and registration:

Throughout the day there will be exciting speakers to enlighten participants with their experience and knowledge about the subject.

Following is a list of speakers and discussions:

Umair Jaliawala, Executive Director, The Indus Entrepreneurs 

Muhammad Aliuddin Ansari , President & CEO, Engro Corporation

Rafiq Rangoonwala - CEO, Cupola  

Panel Discussion: 'The Hockey Stick: How to build scale & drive growth?'

Dr Shaukat Brah - Dean, Karachi School for Business & Leadership
Muhammad Aliuddin Ansari - President & CEO, Engro Corporation
Salman Burney - CEO, GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan
Masood Hashmi - CEO, Orient Communication

Session Chair: Zafar A Siddiqui - Director Center of Entrepreneurship Development, IBA

Triumphs & Tribulations - Stories of entrepreneurs who made it BIG!

Monis Rahman - Chairman and CEO,  Naseeb Networks
Sardar A Qayyum - Owner, BBQ Tonight
Dr Akhlaq Ahmed - Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Management

Transforming Lives

Dr. Ahson Rabbani - Executive Director, Program Development & Communication, Aman Foundation 

Thematic Talks

Young Blood 
Faizan A Laghari - CEO,  The Flagship Group
Umair Jaliawala - CEO, School of Leadership

Women Power 
Nilofer Saeed - Owner,  Hobnob Bakery
Shireen Naqvi - Director, School of Leadership

Money Matters 
A B Shahid - Former Chief Rep. for Pakistan, Hatton National Bank Ltd.
Amin Hashwani - Director,  Hashwani Group of Companies

Taher A Khan - Chairman,  Interflow Group
Hammad Siddiqui - Deputy Country Director, CIPE

Social Entrepreneurship 
Dr Asher Hasan - Founder & CEO,  Naya Jeevan
Zaheer Kidvai - CEO, BiTS

Battle of Business Ideas: The Business Plan Competition

Thematic Talks

Academic Leadership
Ch Faisal Mushtaq - Founder & CEO, Change in Education
Dr A Wahab - President, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University

Fashion & Media
Amir Adnan - Owner, Shapar
Freiha Altaf - Owner & CEO, Catwalk Productions

Manufacturing and Trade
Mohsin Dharsi - President, Mohsin Dharsi Group of Companies
Abdullah Feroz - MD, Efroze Chemical

Shoaib Qureshy - Chief Strategy Officer, Bulls Eye Communications

Amer Sarfraz - Partner & VP of Business, Bramerz
Amin ur Rehman - CEO, at Rocket Internet Pakistan


Tech Panel: 'Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs' 

Jamal Khan, CEO, Arpatech
Farzal Dojki, CEO, Next Generation Innovations
Shahida Saleem, Chairperson, Sehat First 
Shahjahan Chaudhry, CEO, Teamants

Session Chair: Rabia Garib, Editor-in-Chief of CIO Magazine & Jehan Ara,  President Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA)

Umair Jaliwala, Executive Director, TiE Karachi in his message to this post said:

In the looming economic and political times, the job markets are becoming bleeding competitive and start-ups are becoming riskier and difficult to sustain! This calls for entrepreneurship and not the convention 'Mind Your Business' approach but rather a collaborative, creative and considerate one. TiEcon 2012 leverage on bringing entrepreneurs and to-be-entrepreneurs together for powerful networking and lifelong learning. For most career starters today, the orthodox job and 'work for life' is unappealing. The energy and talent is on an all-time high, the direction and consistency must come in. For individuals who have started out already must unleash the power of collaboration and work together to develop their respective industries. For those who have been there and done that, the time is now to give, to educator and to mentor.

See you at TiEcon 2012, this Friday i.e. Nov 30 at Sheraton, Karachi. Dig or 
call 021 35296417-8 for details.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Job Opportunity in Islamabad - Pakistan

Manager Communication & Donor Relations at a Bank

Sector: Banking
Position Title: Manager Communication & Donor Relations
Position Location: Islamabad
Salary: 60K to160K -- may vary
Benefits: Mobile allowance, Health, and Life Insurance

Essential Requirements:
-- Experience in foreign/international organization or donor-funded project
-- Experience of working in Donor Relations/Donor Coordination and Report Writing
-- Minimum about 5 years work experience

Min. Qualification:
-- Masters degree, preferably in international relations, communications or an Arts/Social Science field,

-- Minimum 5 years experience with international development agency/ NGO with specific experience in communications, Project management, resource mobilization, and/or donor relations

-- Proven ability to successfully develop and manage funding proposals to institutional donors.
-- Demonstrated ability to articulate point of view in presentation and report writing.
-- Use a high degree of tact and diplomacy in working with others
-- Ability to deliver under tight timelines on multiple assignments.
-- Ability to develop & present key performance indicators to aid decision making and ability to participate effectively in senior management meeting.
-- Supports team decisions with a good ability to listen to learn and to demonstrate flexibility and good resilience to change.

-- The position is responsible to provide a coordinated, responsive and clear interface between donors and Bank
-- This has high-level responsibility within the organisation on external representation to ensure timely and clear information flows and communications to donors and other external stakeholders.


-- Contribute to the formulation and maintenance of the Bank’s Funding Strategy to support on sourcing and securing funding for the Bank’s initiatives/interventions.
-- Coordinate communications and relations with prospective multilateral/bilateral donors. Act as focal point within Bank with donors, including responding to information requests.
-- Support the Senior management to identify and develop opportunities with existing and new donors and funding mechanisms, maintain strong relationships with existing donors, building interactive relationships and present the Bank’s strategy to their particular interests and expectations.
-- Conduct ongoing donor mapping and research, intelligence gathering and analysis of external funding trends and feed this to business planning so as to inform and align funding strategy.
-- Support development and submission of donor proposals. This requires working closely with other functions in order to advise and support them to understand and meet donor requirements and take account of donor feedback during the development process.
-- Track donor requests and ensure full, accurate and timely response is returned to them and a professional, positive and responsive relationship is maintained.
-- As needed, provide support to monitor grant progress, and proactively flag issues to be raised with donors, such as the need for contract amendments, no-cost extensions and budget realignments, advising on any donor-specific requirements which might apply.
-- Act as a gatekeeper in Bank in terms of ensuring quality and timely submission of reports, and work with other functions to continuously improve the quality of donor reports.
-- Coordinate and accompany donor visits to field areas, ensuring follow up on issues and undertakings arising from these visits.
-- Provide regular management information on the status of donor relations, risk areas, learning points and solutions to SMT.
-- Prepare the monthly grant monitoring meetings, and have a general overview of the progress of grant spend and implementation.
-- Developing and implementing the Bank Communications strategy in coordination with the advertising and PR agency.
-- Developing collateral and publications such as corporate presentations, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, website, product leaflets, corporate media campaigns, documentaries, success stories, corporate giveaways and other publications for external and internal circulation to create and promote a positive image of the Bank and its services.
-- Ensuring compliance with the Graphics Identity Standards and set values and behaviours that reflect the corporate brand.
-- Developing and maintaining Stakeholders’ relations - Liaison with customers, Government, shareholders institutions, BOD and other stakeholders.

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Sohaib Taimoor
Recruitment Executive
Career Pakistan

How Did JC Penny Pricing Strategy Fail?

US is a highly customer sensitive market. Radical experiments can work, but when backfire, retrieval is generally almost impossible.
Undoubtedly pricing strategy is the key to bring customers in stores. US customers are known to drive miles to avail small coupon offers. Price war is tough. In this situation why did JC Penny showed bravery in changing its pricing strategy and stopped issuing coupons to its customers who were used to of getting deals from the store via coupon based promotions. That resulted in a significant decline in customer visits, resulted in sharp decline in sales which had fallen 26.1 per cent against an estimated decrease of 17.9 per cent.
Before the start of Christmas session, JC Penny needs to bring its customers back. Stores are now focusing on putting manufacturer’s prices together with Penney’s deal prices. They are hoping that these two price tags are expected to attract customers. Stores are also starting seasonal vendor promotion technique which means partnering with vendors that are already putting their products on sales.

How to Sell Ideas?

Spiritual Journey into the Entrepreneurship begins with smart ideas.
In my view, entrepreneurs are the most spiritually connected people who can turn some craziest ideas into profits.
So are you an entrepreneur or not, there are several examples and explanations. In my view, keeping explanation simple is important, hence the following description:
  • Businessman thinks for today – An entrepreneur has a long term vision
  • For Businessman incremental growth is good – An entrepreneur focuses on exponential growth
  • Businessman is cheeky – An entrepreneurs is customer focused
  • Businessman considers promotion as liability – An entrepreneur thinks it as an investment
As an entrepreneur your biggest challenge is to lit up the passion fire at a level that could drive your entrepreneurial spirituality into exponential success. Business environment is challenging, there is competition out there, and only the best with the extreme passion will succeed!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is a simple Social Media Policy for Companies

Growth in Social Media activities is simply unimaginable! Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc are just sweeping the branding market. 
I have been asked several times to write about social media strategy for organizations that are interested in starting social media activities. I recommend that instead of a strategy, it would be nice to have a social media manual. Following is a simple outline of points that need focusing in a social media manual. There are two parts, one is the policy and the other one is the strategy.
Check this out!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is it important to discuss Social Media - A debate at #Socialmediabaithak

Social Media is spreading like a virus and Pakistan is no exception!

Youth is predominantly affected, and there is no cure – Once you are in, you are isolated from what we otherwise call human interaction. Your eyes will be on your Smartphone and two thumbs on dial pad. Couple of years ago, in Pakistan using social media was considered as a sinful thing. But now even seniors are sort of okay with using facebook and Skyping with their family abroad.

Though late, but PR companies have also realized the importance of social media. There is now demand from their clients as they want to experiment with it. Xenith PR which is run by Zainab Ansari (who I know from her time at CMC and my job at British Deputy High Commission) has started a digital media division called XenithDigital. Looking at the importance of social media, XenithDigital thought of organizing a three days symposium focusing the subject. I came to know about this event through a facebook update by Saher Mangi who used to work at Xenith and now moved to Arif Habib Group. Invitation was also extended by Uroosa who manages XenithDigital.

Me and Mateen Hamza who writes excellent English humor decided to attend the second day.

Discussion was a bit all over, and I do not blame panelists, it was about social media so focusing was an issue J - I guess moderator was a bit young to deal with these tall order and some extremely loud panelists who at times were debating among themselves. Can’t blame them, Pakistanies generally have distracted focus anyway.

To me the most interesting bit was Jehanzaib Haque who is Express Tribune’s Online Editor. He was quite buoyant about change that social media is bringing in Pakistani society. He was of the view that ET has been able to create awareness inamongst various communities and also in international media. He said that ET has over 70 journalists who use social media and were trained to do so. Soon ET will also produce a 50 page manual for online journalism, which will be available for download.

Faisal Qureshi was of the view that Social Media is an extension of our real life.( I agree, we cannot live without it!)  In his views social media is yet to create meaningful impact in Pakistan. (Yes, he might be right here, but what do we mean by meaningful impact? Perhaps social media community needs more time to build its muscles, or perhaps initiatives such as #SocialmediaBaithak should continue beyond gatherings of those using social media?)

Sarfaraz A Reham was smiling a lot, that’s what he does anyway. But his smiles carry a million messages. He was very straight. Told us that Engro is now using social media extensively and now there is no need for physical meetings (or perhaps lesser requirement), a lot of consultative work is done using social media. Sarfaraz sahib uses Social Media for accessing information.

Mohsin Sayeed was very vocal in expressing the way people get into personal attacks and silly discussions.  
I was unable to get anything from Norbalm ( I did not get his name – Sorry!) Sabeen was also quite vocal about civil society’s inability to use social media effectively.

In my view, just engaging those in such events who know social media won’t help much. Somehow social media community needs to inspire those who do not use social media - that is the only way to build critical mass for creating an impact in our society.

Yes social media is for fun, but let us not undermine the importance of outreach it provides. #SociammediaBaithak generated 463 tweets and had 583,128 impressions, reaching out to an audience of 94,831 followers, a strength that is almost impossible on any other media!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Startup Weekend - An Initiative by Marc Nager

Startup Weekend is entrepreneurship’s democratizer. Regardless of who’s who, a group of unrelated individuals meet up for a weekend to share ideas.  Competence and knowledge are the currency that is traded.”
Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend
This entrepreneurial story is about turning around. How businesses could change shape and spread from one place to another, from one country to around the globe.   The initiative is powered by Kaufmann Foundation.
With his excellent vision and entrepreneurial qualities, Marc Nagerturned a for-profit organization into one of the most successful not-for-profit global organization working towards cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit in many countries. Startup Weekend was formed in 2007 with the idea to promote week long entrepreneurial marathons where people from various different business and IT background come together to pitch, select and work on promising ideas for start ups. Marc Nager and his co founders bought the venture because of its global potential and turned it into a not-for-profit and spread it over the globe.

Coolest Twitter Tips for Everyone

Twitter is the coolest social media tool. Those who do not use it are perhaps living in the Stone Age! It started as a SMS service (Short Message Service), and now grown viral to become one of the most used communication platform for all walks of life. This 140-character micro-blogging platform was formed in 2006, now has over 500 million users. Its popularity can also be judged by that fact that despite a banned in China, Twitter users have grown to over 35 million earlier this year. Three large markets for Twitter are now China, India with over 33 million users and the US with around 30 million users.
These are three largest markets – Can anyone ignore this fact that large numbers of social communities are now using Twitter as a tool to share, communicate and market? Most influential politicians, journalists, opinion formers and celebrities tweet and engage communities in discussions.
Having said this, for new users Twitter is still quite vanilla flavored. They generally struggle in understanding how to use it and what to expect from this tool. Following are 10 Cool Twitter Tips for non active and new users;

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A million Dollar Business Idea!

How do you find your next big idea? Lack of response to this one of the key question that keeps potential entrepreneurs away from entering into entrepreneurial career – They need mentors!
Follow Mixergy, initiated and managed by Andrew Warner who interviews successful entrepreneurs, ask insightful questions about success factors as well as failures, challenges they faced and advice for the new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs
Mixergy is an interesting online resources for anyone who wants to learn from the professionals themselves; Andrew Warner also conducts live events with the same theme and offers online courses taught by experienced experts for the premium members of his website.  These courses cover a wide variety of topics dealing with the planning, technical and social aspects of running a business.
Read complete article - Click here

Social Era is Here to Lead!

This undoubtedly is the #SocialEra – ever increasing number of social media platforms are catering to unpredictable demands from social media users. With so many options to connect and communicate with communities and self-taught nature of social media, both social media users and companies that own social media platforms face numerous challenges.
I have been following Nilofar Merchant who is a regular contributor at Harvard Business Review Blogs. She is currently a corporate director at NASDAQ traded firm and a lecturer at Stanford. Nilofar has recently written a fantastic book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era.
In her interview with Forbes she talks about large number of people still following traditional way of doing business. Coming to work every day, sending emails etc. She argues that in the modern SocialEra, people should be thinking more creatively and working more innovatively.
READ complete article- Click Here

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Social Media for Corporate Leaders

Key role of today’s corporate leaders is to build communities and engage them in building successful organizations.
Social Media Logos
Social Media Logos
Digital technology and Social media has completely changed the dynamics of societies we live in. Technological advancements have made it easier for leaders to build stronger communities.  In the past couple of years, instead of considering social media as a threat, leaders are discovering its very real opportunities.However, rapid change in technology and tools is creating an unusual challenge for corporate leaders. They not only need to keep up with the developments in the corporate world, but also required learning and practicing these constantly emerging social media tools. Acquiring knowledge and use it effectively not only requires time and energy, but a lot of commitment as well. Times have gone by when leaders could afford to let their secretaries check emails and draft responses. Promptness and direct communication is the norm now.

What to do When Social Media Bites - Check what McDonald's Did

In this era of Social Media, large brands are generally more enthusiastic and try to engage people in discussions around their brand. This could however backfire too – In case of McDonald’s which is one of the top global brands in fast food restaurant business, it really was extremely damaging! Company spends millions of Dollars in branding strategies and social media is one of the key components ofMcDonald’s Branding Strategy.
Despite all this careful psychological validation, earlier this year McDonalds got amassive reputational hit when it ran its Twitter Campaign. It was a simple effort to engage people in sharing their experiences at McDonald’s restaurants around the world. Hashtag for the campaign was #McStories.
For McDonald’s Social Media Team, this could be a simple campaign, but they never realized that #McStories is an excellent opportunity for promoting stories that are not in favor of the restaurant. The hashtag went viral soon with people sharing their worst experiences. Initially there were few negative tweets, but soon everyone started following the Twitter Trend and phenomenal tweets started pouring in from every corner, retrieval was impossible!

Customers Make McDonald's Brand Stronger

McDonald’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience from our menu and operations to our value and convenience – continues to move us closer to becoming our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.” – CEO McDonald’s Restaurants.
McDonald’s is one of the greatest brands in the world. Kids love it, elders love it and youngsters love it too. No matter you are in Europe, Asia, US or Far East, big “M” signage attracts you as a choice for quick bite. The restaurant chain operates in 117 countries and employees over 1.7 million people. How many people are indirectly engaged with McDonald’s, information which is too hard to obtain. One can only guess “Millions”!
Despite its massive outreach, the brand has suffered from bad publicity too. ItsTwitter campaign #McStories went bananas. And more recently, at London Olympics 2012 where McDonald’s was one of the lead sponsors, the brand got another hit when brand managers were trying to improve ratings, and in the process, they managed to get Mayor of London speak to reporters saying that criticism of McDonald’s was “all just bourgeois snobbery”. Mayor said that “It’s classic liberal hysteria about very nutritious, delicious, food – extremely good for you I’m told – not that I eat a lot of it myself,” he said. “Apparently this stuff is absolutely bursting with nutrients.”

Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

Corporate Social Responsibility is the corporate sector buzz word these days. Since my engagement in the development of “Responsible Business Guide, A CSR Tool Kit”, I interacted with a sizable number of corporate players and tried to learn from their CSR strategy.

In this strive, I learnt two key lessons:
  • For larger companies, CSR is about giving back to the society by improving the quality of their communities. They work with long term vision and try to ensure sustainability of their projects.
  • For smaller companies, this is a luxury. These companies generally do not have a clear CSR vision, hence their CSR activities fall in the category of charity, which is absolutely unsustainable in the long run.

At times, CSR efforts are made in response to an immediate community needs, calamity or natural disaster. Regardless of the type of CSR initiatives, key is to focus and maintain the long-term approach and ensure sustainability.

Recently, I attended a blogger meet-up organized by Engro Corporation to share successes of their CSR initiatives. Engro is Pakistan’s one of the most prestigious private sector organization. The company has manufacturing facilities in economically deprived areas of Sind. Through their reputation and good work towards building strong communities, they have managed to bring partners to support their initiatives. Additionally, Engro Corporation also received funding from USAID that helped augment their program.

Engro Corporation’s key focus areas for CSR initiatives are health, infrastructure, water and sanitation, education and skill development, environment and livelihood enhancement. It was encouraging to learn that in late 2005, daily earning of people living in areas where Engro operates was Rs10/day only. With Engro’s education and skills development program, this increased to Rs 161 per day – Phenomenal increase!

Engro now wishes to take a leap with a new concept of recognizing “unsung heroes” – This initiative will identify and appreciate Pakistanies whose efforts are contributing in improving lives in economically deprived areas of the country. The focus is on initiatives in education, health and livelihoods, and rightly so, because these three are the most neglected community development programs in Pakistan that receive hardly any public money and also suffer from political influence and corruption.  

It is a digital competition which will look at individuals and organizations doing commendable social and humanitarian work and learn about their best practices and innovative ideas.

Engro Corporation has set-up a facebook fan page at - Individuals can send in personal stories/nominations via email which will then be judged by a jury panel - All entries must be submitted to by November 15, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why Social Media Strategy for Businesses?

So after the emergence of social media if the world is changing so rapidly why companies are so reluctant in implementing social media strategies and engaging their employees in social media training programs? Perhaps they are still shy in appreciating the reality!

It is true that larger companies particularly in consumer products such as Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds, Samsung, Apple etc were the early entrants in the field of social media marketing and branding. They were sharp enough to foresee the future of communicating with customers and started experimenting with all forms of social media for engaging their customers. However, still a sizable group is only watching, they are not bold enough to start experimenting – They will be the losers!

The fact of the matter is that social media platforms are now smart enough to cater for the needs of local businesses. They know that the ever increasing social media communities are mostly localized. These local communities need local content and will respond to local advertisements and promotions and social media companies have now started offering better focused opportunities to brands and local businesses.
CLICK Here to read the complete

Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Cool Twitter Tips

Social Media revolution is called “Twitter”. Started as a simple SMS service, this short messaging platform has become the largest source of communication, sending millions of tweets or short messages every day.

Social Media Today reported that in August 2011, there were 200 million registered users world-wide, sending about 130 million tweets, in February 2012, the number has grown to 500 million users, with over 350 million tweets per day. This is massive communication!There are tools that can help you tweet longer, but recommended length of a tweet is not 140 characters anymore – It is advised to keep tweets under 125 characters so that people reading your tweets can also add comments, which is great value addition to what you tweeted and also improve chances for going viral.

Check 10 Cool Twitter Tips here

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A List of Positive and Strong Words

It is important to understand that positivity creates more positivity.

If you are writing a job application, advertisement copy or a news, using positive and strong words can really make the difference.

To help readers, I am pleased to provide the following list from Creative Affirmations . Com

Positive Words – The Complete List
Each DayEagerEarnest
FitFlourishFor the Highest Good
HugI affirmI allow
I am willingI am.I Can
I chooseI createI follow
I knowI know, without a doubtI make
I realizeI take actionI trust
In Every WayIn this momentIncrease
LegendaryLet GoLight
Right NowRobustRousing
WholesomeWillingWith Everyone

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BlueGala - The online Dress Store by Josh Weiss

Blue Gala Logo - Online Dress Company
The entrepreneurial spirit is so powerful that forced Josh Weiss to quit a job as a high yield credit research analyst and to become a dresses seller via online retail shop.

Josh Weiss, has an online store- a one stop shop for prom, cocktail, evening and formal dresses. This New York based company with close to 1000 varieties, offers dresses for a wide cross-section. Their range is from the high end designers to small individual vendors.

Read complete story - Click here

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why Start-up Companies Fail?

I came across some fascinating numbers recently in a survey done by The Start-up Genome by analyzing 3200 start-up companies. They identified five core areas where start-up companies need to scale. These are: Customer, product, team, business model and funding.

Following is an interesting infographic by Start-up Genome
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Is Facebook a Prefered Marketing Platform?

Social media and digital marketing sphere has been changing so quickly, it is impossible for businesses and entrepreneurs to keep track of these changing dynamics. Tools, applications and techniques all are being updated, revised and improved on a daily basis.

If we look at the recent past, Facebook advertisement, groups and fan pages were considered effective mediums for promoting brands. Google Ads are also extremely popular for promoting local and international businesses.

Entrepreneurs liked the versatility of these two platforms for one unique reason “Targeted Marketing”. Both Facebook and Google have done a lot of work in indexing their viewership. Their business model provides entrepreneurs and brand managers opportunity to promote their product, services or brands to specific viewership in a targeted country or region.